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HR Performance Management: Turn the Best Behaviors Into Habits | CEB Blogs

The working environment for almost all large company employees has changed in the past five years, and required managers to behave differently. It’s now more competitive, fast-changing, and complex than it ever has been. For HR functions to help the firm’s employees succeed in this environment, they should help them become enterprise contributors. Performance Management Read …

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Performance Management: HR’s Rubik’s Cube | CEB Blogs

The Rubik’s cube recently reached its 40th birthday. Much like the puzzle, whereby trying to create order on one side of the cube causes disorder on another, HR teams often find themselves facing four paradoxes at the heart of a firm’s HR processes. Fixing these could give a timely boost to employee performance in the next 12 months.See it on …

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Why Cargill Is So Good at Performance Management | CEB Blogs

It’s not news that most performance management systems and processes are failing, sometimes spectacularly. Microsoft is the latest in a line of big firms to experiment with a new approach. Agricultural producer and distributor, Cargill’s changes to its performance management saw 70% of employees say they felt more valued. Performance Management Read the complete article

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