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Michael Porter on Creating Competitive Advantage for Yourself | HBR Ascend

Can any of your work on sustainable competitive advantage for nations and companies be usefully applied to individuals’ career?  MP: When you’re building a career, you’re building a skill base, a knowledge base, and your human capital. You want to expose yourself to the best ideas and to the best training and to the best experiences you can have. At …

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Growing Gap Between What Business Needs and What Education Provides

There are all sorts of reasons to get an education. It gives you perspective on the world, it makes you a complete person, and of course most importantly of all, it helps you build a career. Unfortunately this link between education and jobs seems to be breaking down. McKinsey just published a groundbreaking […] Learning and Development …

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When Learning at Work Becomes Overwhelming

Many skilled jobs require a considerable amount of learning while doing, but learning requirements have reached unrealistic levels in many roles and work situations today. Learning and Development Read the complete article

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Strategies for knowledge management

As businesses expand and naturally organize themselves into teams, it can be easy for one side to lose site of the other, but clever knowledge management can help to prevent these so-called silos from Learning and Development Read the complete article

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Shifting HR From A Reactive Process to a Proactive Business Service

How do you take HR from being a reactive, transactional business process, to a strategic, proactive service delivering value to the organization? This was one of several interesting threads that came out of the Connected Enterprise 2011 conference held in Scottsdale this past weekend by analyst firm, Constellation Research Group. […] Learning and Development Read the …

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